The thickness is only 0,2 mm (200 micron). It lights up homogenously at each dimension. It may be bended at a convenient level. However do not bend at 90 degrees. There is no lamp in the world which can be either both bended and with thickness of 0,2mm and also emanating a completely homogenous light.

Electroluminescent General Properties ?

  • The thinnest lamp of the world. Thickness is as a paper sheet. Only 0.2 mm. The thickness reaches to nearly 0.4mm with the protective coating.
  • Flexible, bendable.
  • Light, easy to apply and carry.
  • Homogenous. Enlightens in the same time each area.
  • Backlight usage.
  • It may be used with animation. It ensures a really dynamic lighting of the designed visuals (pictures, logo, writing etc.) in the required areas, time and sequence by switching on and off.
  • Indoor and outdoor usage
  • Chic designs for decorative spaces with think and large appliances.
  • High vision angle. Up to 160 degrees.
  • It is the lighting technologies which can be best viewed in the fog.
  • Runs with every kind of electric current.
  • User friendly, no dangerous chemicals, no radiation emissions.
  • Minimum electricity consumption, it is economic.
  • No heating risk during the lighting due to the cold luminescence.

electroluminescent backlight