The thickness is only 0,2 mm (200 micron). It lights up homogenously at each dimension. It may be bended at a convenient level. However do not bend at 90 degrees. There is no lamp in the world which can be either both bended and with thickness of 0,2mm and also emanating a completely homogenous light.

How is Manufactured and How is Working Electroluminescent?

     The electroluminescent lamps are manufactured through the processes of screen printing and a difficult assembly phase with oven process and couplings.

     The silver printings are applied on the conductive surface of the transparent surface of the material which is in the same time the carrier of the lamp (ITO). Such printings ensure the conduction of the electrical current which will ensure the brightness of the phosphor and of the other protective layers.


     The El lamps are running with the alternative current and frequency as electrical supply. The average frequency used is between 110V ac and 400Hz. 1000Hz.

     Thus the El lamps are used with the devices producing the alternative current and frequency (similar to adaptors) called by us as inverters. The inverters are consuming very low electricity and ensure thereby economy for the El lamps.

     Within the scope of the project ; the type of the inverter is decided according to the size of the lamp. Furthermore the necessary animation adjustments are made according to the intensitiy of the light and animation from the product by making the frequency settings over the inverter.