Do you know that the light behind the Notebooks, LCD's, LCD TV' s and mobile phones is EL Back Light? Do you also know that the light behind the speed indicators of the vehicles is EL Back Light?

Usage areas of Electroluminescent?

     The El lamp products may be used either indoors or outdoors with animation graphics or as backlight from the tag dimensions and until the racket dimensions.

General Usage Fields;
  • Billboards
  • Stands, banners, etc. product displays
  • Fairs and miscellaneous organizations
  • Open air billboards such as the rackets
  • Outer surfaces of the vehicles
  • Guiding and traffic signs
  • Electronic indicators
  • Rear lights of the membranes
  • Dark environments such as discos and bars
  • Decorative purposes
  • On the textiles such as the hats and t-shirts
  • Together with the promotional and advertising products

The El lamp is thin, flexible and light thus ensuring us to employ it in many designs.

electroluminescent backlight