The visuals used for the advertisement and promotional applications are illuminated with animation due to the electroluminescent which is a very fine type of lighting and ensure a more efficient distinguishing of the product and brand.
  • It may be used for all the advertisement and promotional activities
  • In the fields requiring flexibility and refinery
  • For indoors and outdoors
  • As backlight or animated

What is Electroluminescent?


Electroluminescent is shortly called as EL. This technology is called electroluminescence and its products are called as electroluminescent.

      Electroluminescence is the phoneme of transforming of the electrical energy to the light energy as a result of transferring the high frequency electrical current to the insulated phosphor.

     The Electroluminescence is a cold luminescence type because no heat is produced during this transformation (the materials with cold luminescence are called in general as phosphor materials).