Printed Promotion

     We are manufacturing in general the printed promotional products. We are also offering special designed products as well as many others available on the market.
Printed Promotional
We are serving directly or through the advertisement agencies the banks, pharmaceutical companies, stand manufacturers, gas companies, beverage companies and similar sectors.

Promotional products samples

  • American service
  • A-Stand
  • Drip Mats
  • Length Meters
  • Pocket Calendars
  • Rulers
  • Bags
  • Notebook, Agenda Covers
  • Files, Folders, Presentation Files
  • Turning Cards
  • Price Tags Wobler
  • Frequency Products
  • Pen Holders, Dust Bin
  • Book Separators
  • Magnets
  • Mouse Pad - Signature Pad
  • Picture Frame
  • Pads
  • Self Adhesive Panels
  • Plastic Fans
We are with you with our experienced staff to realize every kind of your designs other than the products sampled by us, due to our project specific manufacturing line.